The Ekklesia Project

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Audio Bibles for Uganda

Developing audio Bibles that can be distributed to the blind, aging, illiterate or others who lack access to printed material in Uganda.

Help us turn a spiritual crisis into a global revival

Uganda is in the midst of a spiritual crisis. This African country has a rapidly growing population, but their spiritual needs cannot currently be met. Many of the Christian leaders are aging and losing their sight, illiterate, or simply lack access to the word of God. 

Because of this spiritual poverty, millions of Ugandans are in danger of perishing with unchanged lives and not knowing God. 

However, there is hope. 

The Ekklesia Project was developed to deliver the life transforming power of the Gospel through the recording and distribution of audio Bibles to underserved Ugandans.

With your prayers and financial support, we believe we can turn a spiritual crisis into a global revival. 

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Let's start a Gospel movement that can be heard around the world

With over 36 million people, Uganda has one of the fastest growing populations in the world. Unfortunately, many Ugandans don’t have access to spiritual nourishment for the following reasons:

  • Many Ugandans have never learned to read and are isolated from other Christians
  • Many Christian leaders who are literate are aging and losing their sight and ability to read
  • Many others who are in prison or isolated simply don’t have access to a physical Bible

As the population grows, there are fewer and fewer Christian leaders equipped to meet the growing need. Millions of Ugandans are in danger of dying without knowing God.  

However, that's not the end of the story! While many Ugandans don't have access to physical Bibles, most have access to CD players and mobile devices. This means it is possible to reach Ugandans with the Gospel if we can record and distribute an audio Bible that can reach them right where they are. Your prayers and financial support can help us pioneer a new way to reach Ugandans.  

our plan

We plan to reach Ugandans with the Gospel through a three-phased approach starting in 2018.

Phase 1: Record Audio Bibles - We will reserve studio space and translator time to record a version of the Bible in Runyankole-Rukiga, the most common language in Uganda. 

Phase 2: Copy and Distribute CDs - 90% of Ugandans have access to CD players, so our goal is to use this familiar medium to copy and distribute CDs to as many Ugandans as possible.

Phase 3: Mobile app Development and Distribution - Most Ugandans rely on mobile phones on a daily basis. Our long-term goal is to make the audio Bible readily available via a custom developed mobile app. 

Your financial support makes it possible for us to continue with the recording process in 2018, and then begin the process of copying and distributing the message in the form of CDs. As we gather momentum and resources, we can then develop a custom app capable of reaching even more Ugandans. 

We believe this model could pioneer a global revival as the crisis Uganda faces is also faced by many other nations throughout the world.

Imagine that you could help us solve a global spiritual crisis!

Pastor reading audio Bible in Runyankole-Rukiga

Pastor reading audio Bible in Runyankole-Rukiga

A message from Enid Machayo (Our Founder)

When visiting Uganda for mission trips or other reasons, I noticed that the aging population of the retired pastors and church leaders as well as many other Christians and non-Christians are increasing. 

Meanwhile, there has been a cultural shift from the time I was young. Grandchildren no longer live near their grandparents and older citizens whose eyes are too weak to read have no one to read the Bible for them  because the grandchildren live far away in the cities! These people who were once pillars of the church are withering because they’re not being fed by the Living Word of God. Truly, life is in the Word!

Because faith comes by hearing the Word, fear can quickly creep in when we don’t hear the faith activating Word.  My heart was saddened as I visited their homes and found them, one by one, sitting alone, quiet in their living rooms.  Too weak to go to church and unable to read the Bible for themselves! There, I was faced with a dire need I could not ignore.  I realized that my obedience to this responsibility would benefit many people, for generations.

Because faith comes by hearing the Word, fear can quickly creep in when we don’t hear the faith activating Word.

Then I prayed for wisdom on how God would use me to meet my spiritual fathers and mothers’ needs how God would use even me to strengthen them like they’d done me, to give back so to speak. That’s how the idea of recording the audio Bible in Runyankole-Rukiga came to my mind! I knew it was God deploying me to serve Him by serving this particular population and many others for generations so they’d continue to grow in grace in their old age and I knew that the audio Bible in their heart language would certainly meet this dire need.